Granàtu 2021

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Magliocco Canino 100%

Protected Geographical Indication
Rosè 2021

Alcohol content: 13 %vol

Available bottles: 8000

Winemaking techniques: Short maceration and soft pressing. The clarified must then fermented with original yeasts at a controlled temperature of 23 °C for about twenty days. The wine has completed the process of maturation for a period of four months in stainless steel tanks and in the bottle for about eight months.



Vineyard: Limbadi (loc. S. Andrea) 250 mt a.s.l.

Soil composition: Sandy and silty

Total surface: 1,30.00 Ha

Planting year: 2009 (S. Andrea)

Vines distribution: 2.50 mt x 0.80 m

Vines ha: 5000

Exposition sun: Southern, Est - West rows orientation (Sant’Andrea)

Training method: Guyot mono-lateral cultivation (4-5 buds per shoots, with reduced yield)

Vegetation management: Green pruning

Root stocks: Paulsen 1103

Yield per hectare: 7500 kg

Harvest: By hand

Total acidity: 7.5g/l

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