A new passion for an ancient tradition.

Casa Comerci

Casa Comerci is a family-run winery that lies under Mount Poro in Badia di Nicotera, the heart of wine-growing country in Italy’s deep south. Calabrians have been making wine for centuries and have a deep-rooted passion for the most important things in life: good wine, and great family bonds. These two key components form the basis of what Casa Comerci has represented for generations…


In 1571 Gabriele Barrio, Calabria’s first historian, mentioned a famous wine from Filocastro, a tiny village in the area..


Our close relationship with the land and its traditions determines how we make wine. The use of local grape varieties like Magliocco Canino are proof of this. The grapes were certified organic in 2009 and the winery became fully certified in 2013.
With a strong respect for nature and its rhythms, and always keeping a low environmental impact at the forefront of their winemaking, Casa Comerci’s vineyards are located just a stone’s throw from one another.


Despite its modest size, Nicotera is actually rather important thanks to American scientist and anthropologist Ancel Keys who stayed some 50 years ago whilst studying the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. In fact, it is thanks to this research that this ‘diet’ became the benchmark for healthy eating and living across all four corners of the globe.


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